Future You

This course has been designed to enable students to develop self-awareness, equipping students with the knowledge, tools and confidence to make proactive choices about their future.

Future You is made up of up to seven sessions:

Knowing You

The Knowing You session will give you an insight into your personality, what is important to you and what skills and qualities you have.

You will take part in interactive activities such as a personality test which will give you an understanding of your natural preferences. This session will help you to explore how these preferences may impact your studies, career options and personal life.

Motivating You

Using what you learnt in the first session, you will begin to explore what inspires and motivates you in the Motivating You session.

You will reflect on your habits and discover why you may think and act the way you do! Through individual and group exercises you will gain an understanding of how fear might get in your way and how you can change the way you respond to fear and disappointment. This session will introduce you to the idea of an ‘inner-critic’ and help you to identify some of the ways that positive ‘self-talk’ can help you to feel happier and more positive.

Positive You

The Positive You session will help you to develop your understanding of resilience and to reflect on your attitude towards yourself and your approach to your future.

This session focuses on taking responsibility for your choices, taking control of your life and identifying behaviours that positively impact your life.


Successful You

Building on previous work, the Successful You session will allow you to spend some time thinking about what success and happiness mean to you personally.

You will think about your long and short term goals, which will be based on what you have identified as important to you in previous sessions. You will be introduced to some of the tools and strategies that can help you to take action to achieve your goals.

Managing You

The Managing You session provides you with the knowledge and tools to manage your time effectively in order to achieve the personal goals you set in the previous session.

Through group conversations and practical activities, you will explore a range of strategies to help you to manage your busy lives and take control of your future.

Celebrating You

The Celebrating You session provides you with the chance to enhance your self-confidence, visual communication and creative promotional skills.

Using creative media you will explore your successes, goals, ideas, and thoughts, creating a promotional fanzine – a self-published mini-magazine that communicates your personality, strengths, skills and achievements. Fanzines are a great way of promoting and marketing yourself and can be used at interviews and other education and career opportunities.

Promoting You

The Promoting You session provides you with the chance to reflect on everything you have covered throughout the Future You programme whilst learning ways to promote yourself to others.

Learn how your increased self-awareness can be transferred into supporting you to make the most of your future opportunities.

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