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The Special Educational Needs and Disability Progression Partnership (SEND PP) has been set up to ensure education professionals and advisers have all the information needed to support disabled students to successfully apply to higher education.

The number of disabled students entering higher education has increased significantly over the past few decades. According to the OfS Equality & Diversity data, between 2010 and 2017, the proportion of students in England self-reporting a disability increased from 8.1 per cent to 13.2 per cent.

However, the application process for disabled students means that they can face several challenges over and above those experienced by the wider student cohort and are often unaware of the support that is available to them, such as the Disabled Students Allowance.

Download The Guide: Support available for Disabled Students at University


CEAIG Support for Disabled Students

In order to fully support disabled students to consider their post-18 options, KMPF is working with CXK who can offer individual careers guidance sessions for SEND secondary school students who are considering higher education and want to explore their next steps in depth with a trained and experienced career guidance professional. CXK can help the student explore the pros and cons of university for them as an individual, explain the support that may be available to them at university, signpost them to research their options, and advise on writing personal statements. This is available to all SEND students and is not dependent on having an EHCP.

Watch a short video from a CXK Careers Adviser to learn more.

If you have any SEND students who you think would benefit from specialist support to help them explore all their Post-18 pathways, please complete the KMPF Referral Form and email it to:

Our Key Actions

  • To work closely with disabled students in HE and SEND students in schools and colleges to share their experiences and influence the direction of the network.
  • To provide CPD opportunities to make sure staff in schools and colleges are aware of the support and opportunities available in higher education for disabled students.
  • To share information with students, parents and carers, and professionals.
  • To develop communication channels with staff (Senior Leaders, Support Staff, Teachers, Careers Advisers) in schools and colleges.
  • To adapt HE outreach materials and activities to be inclusive, representing opportunities for disabled students where appropriate

Support for disabled students

Find out more about the support for disabled students at Kent and Medway universities.

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