Student Life

Life at university is full of new and exciting experiences and there is often lots going on. 

From joining clubs and societies to signing up for a sports team or getting a part-time job – the opportunities are endless! 

The key to enjoying your university life is to get the balance right between academic success, extracurricular activities, socialising, and taking care of your health and wellbeing. 

Read on to learn a little more about what to expect to help you make the most of your student experience.

Life at university

Of course, the main reason you’ll choose to go to university is to study a subject you love and gain a qualification that will help you move closer to achieving your career goals. Your university timetable will consist of lectures and seminars throughout the week, alongside independent study time. 

But on top of all the hard work and studying, you’ll be able to enjoy a great social life; getting to know a diverse range of people and experiencing life in a new place.

Universities will often have a Students’ Union, run by students, where you can join clubs and societies, and pursue new hobbies and interests. You’ll also be able to continue with any sports you might enjoy, or try new ones, and join university teams. 

University is a journey of self-discovery. You’ll face many highs and lows that will develop your character. A combination of looking after yourself, socialising and learning will help you to become more resilient and self-motivated.

Before you know it, you’ll be attending your graduation ceremony and your student life will be a distant memory. Unless of course, you choose to stay on and study postgraduate qualifications!

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