The Special Educational Needs and Disability Progression Partnership (SEND PP), run by KMPF, was delighted to have a partnership article published in Careers Matters, the magazine for careers professionals, recently.

The article focussed on our successful collaboration with partners CXK and The Specialist Employment Service, which aims to support young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in Kent and Medway with their career decisions.

The collaboration is based on the Double Helix Model of Support, which works on the basis of two premises:

1. It is normal for people to change their career paths, throughout life.

2. There is limited careers support within the wider education system to sufficiently support those who do, especially for those with SEND.

The Double Helix Model of Support addresses both issues by putting support in place at the right time.

We share our model here with the aim that it may help practitioners in other parts of the country develop similar initiatives to support young people in their areas.

Read and download the full article here.

Learn more about the SEND PP and what we do.


Lucy King

23 Mar 2023

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