The official launch of the STAART Principles of Disability (SPoD) will take place on Friday 2nd December 2022 at the University of Greenwich from 5 – 8pm.

The launch is a joint initiative between STAART (formerly the *AccessAbility Project) and the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN) which are leading the way in creating a set of principles to create a more disability-friendly environment for the University’s students, staff and visitors.

A copy of the STAART Principles of Disability will be available.

Although the SPoD will belong to the University of Greenwich, a Creative Commons licence will be attached to the principles to enable other organisations to adopt the SPoD if they choose to do so.

Learn more about the STAART Principles of Disability (SPoD).

For more information please email Dr Melanie Thorley at

Lucy King

22 Nov 2022

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