Helen Oliver is a Disability Adviser (ASC and Neurodiverse conditions) who works as part of the Disability Team at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU).

The Disability Team at CCCU is based in Augustine House, Canterbury and is full of friendly and knowledgeable Disability Advisers, keen to facilitate the best support for students at CCCU.

Here we find out a little more about Helen’s role:

“I am the Disability Adviser for our students on the Autism Spectrum and my aim is to support our students from before they start, until graduation. I also liaise with academic teams and other departments to help the whole journey to be as stress-free as possible – such as accommodation and careers.

“We have a number of initiatives within the Student Wellbeing Service, such as social events, drop-ins (disability and mental wellbeing) and support mechanisms to provide continual care. The University has a peer mentoring system as well, where established students lookout for our new students.

“We encourage students to contact us before starting if possible, so we can get everything in place right from the onset, but they can also come to us at any time during their years at Uni. We will meet with them and create a Learning Support Plan (LSP) together, based on their diagnostic report/medical evidence, along with a Placement Learning Support Plan (PLSP) if they go out on placement as part of their course.

“If they feel they might have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD or ASC, we can also help them to seek a diagnosis. Plus, we are on hand to guide them through their application for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) to ensure that they have access to the relevant equipment, assistive software and a tutor and/or mentor.

“One of the events that we host, to help with the step to starting University, is a two-day orientation event on the Thursday and Friday before the start of each academic year. The aim is to give our students with ASC and mobility issues a chance to familiarise themselves with the campus while it is still quiet. We introduce students to the library, invite along speakers from various areas and have time to be social too.

“My role within the team is designed to best support our students on the Autism spectrum and I really enjoy working with students and staff to achieve this. I know and have seen the importance that good support within education can play in a student’s life; both academically and personally. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you would like to speak with me, or any of the other Disability Advisers at CCCU.”

Helen Oliver

You can contact us: Disability@canterbury.ac.uk

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Lucy King

25 Nov 2021

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