As part of your school’s contribution to the Federation, we ask that you:

  • Identify students with little or no family history of higher education who have the potential to succeed in higher studies but are unlikely to do so without extra support. Students from the most deprived areas should also be identified and the KMPF Support Team can supply you with postcode data to help you do this.
  • Work closely with identified students to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the extra support they receive.
  • Provide baseline data for students and send these to the KMPF Support Team’s office by recorded delivery.
  • Arrange for registers of participants at KMPF activities to be taken and shared with KMPF so that the partnership can record the participation of selected students in our activities.
  • Collaborate with university and college partners to arrange and coordinate the delivery and evaluation of partnership activities.
  • Attend the KMPF Partnership Summit meetings.
  • Update the KMPF Support Team whenever there are staff changes in the KMPF Key Contact or Head Teacher details for your school.
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